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Alternative Holistic Medicine and Holistic Health Therapy Practices.

Lifestyle February 22, 2014

Holistic Healing Therapies

Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Alternative Holistic medicine and Holistic Health practices

Physical Optimal Health is having the energy you need to do your mission on earth.

Holistic Therapeutic Healing Treatment

Holistic Therapies Inc. is a Holistic Health Center that specializes in Alternative Holistic medicine and Holistic Health practices.
We cover Holistic Nutrition and provide Holistic References

The body has optimal energy, strength and extra stress gives no symptoms. You need less sleep. You feel and are looking your ideal age. You are living God (any name), being joyous, present, not judging, forgiving, and unconditionally loving yourself and others.

Holistic  Therapy

John of God as the Entity of Light and Love with Deepika

Healing our bodies is like tuning up a symphony. There are many components or instruments that need to be tuned that cause the sound to be inharmonious as with disease. As one instrument becomes tuned, others become more apparent that need tuning.

Tuning the body with Holistic Therapies is a healing process of creating flowing communication physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Being guided with spiritual healing, psychotherapy, the Body Scan, Chinese energetics, medical intuitive therapies, and invisible surgery by the angels and Christ, most clients find themselves having effective observable changes each session.

My mission is to help everyone connect with the Universal Love Energy, God by All Names and Attain Optimal Health on All Levels. I envision all of us aligned with Spirit extending as Love, Light, Wisdom, Healing, Laughter and Play.
All of us are radiating healing love, light to all we meet, people, animals, water, earth, air, healing on every level in every way.

Therapies’ technique. Watch other clients have miraculous results as well (see testimonials).

Holistic Medical Treatment

Deepika Avanti M.A., LPC

Ready for your results?
Sessions are convenient and easy, done by phone or in person.
Call 303 440-4431 or email ME now for your free 5-minute health level assessment (description).

Ready for More?

Get an assessment of 111 of organs, body systems, pathogens, and allergies for only $75!
Or get an assessment of 10,000 body stressors with a Phazyx Body Scan, an individuated homeopathic remedy, psychotherapy homework, Chinese Energetics, and psychic surgery for $225 (see services).
I guarantee that within the 1 1/2 hour appointment you will feel better or you don’t pay!.

All of us meditating together are forming an energetic meditation center called “Echo of the Heart of God (Etochelo)”, which is blessed by John of God with his Casa De Dom Ignacio in Brazil.
(Light Dancing in God) is the director of Echo of the Heart of God.

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Travel Tours Philippines

Uncategorized January 22, 2016

travel tours in the Philippines
travel tours in the Philippines
Tour operators offers packages to Bohol Philippines. Including itinerary details, reservation specials and booking information for Philippines Resorts and Hotels in Bohol Philippines.

You will receive a full page listing for your travel tours business in the Philippines with Photo Galleries, descriptions, and links to you web site on the following web sites about Bohol. and Travel and Tours in the Philippines.

If your interested in advertising your Bohol Philippines hotel(s) or resort(s) with us, contact us.

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INTERNET MARKETING February 24, 2014

local internet marketing Services


Small business local internet marketing Services has become a necessity. Almost all potential customers (97%) use some form of internet based media when researching products or services. The misconception is that only young people use these technologies but in fact, nearly all of the buying public now use them.  The other paradigm shift is that a presence itself just isn’t enough. Today’s consumer not only wants to find you online, but wants you to provide them relevant, frequently updated content.

What Does Small Business local internet marketing Services Do For My Business?

Small business internet marketing Services has become much more targeted and has gravitated towards multi-channel conversations versus the “old school” way of advertising to the masses via radio, TV, newspapers and the Yellow Pages.  While the exposure to a large group of people seems advantageous, the return on investment is inconsistent.  With small business internet marketing, however, most of the communication is controlled by the prospects through services like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which have more than 700 million members combined, which gets 300 million visitors a month.  This allows your small business internet marketing efforts to be much more targeted and much more effective.

What Types Of The Things Does A Small Business Internet Marketing Program Have

Effective small business internet marketing begins with your web presence and brand. Whether it’s a mini site strictly designed for lead generation, or a full blown website with hundreds of pages, a small business can look much bigger with a carefully crafted website. Unfortunately, most websites are just glorified brochures that talk more about the business rather than informing the customer how the business can solve their problems. Since content is king in king, most small to mid-size business owners today are opting for website design that is more fluid in nature, as opposed to static. This way, content can be updated continually without the need for, and expense of, a total redesign.

Local Social Internet Marketing Services

A social media presence has become almost a must for enhancing your small business internet marketing efforts. The business that operates without a Facebook fan-page, a Twitter presence, a LinkedIn profile, or a YouTube channel is not only missing direct opportunities to connect with customers, but also all the free exposure these outlets offer you to others in your customers sphere of influence.

If you want to blow the lid of your local internet marketing competition then visit this website http://localmarketdominance.com

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SEO Price SEO Cost, Prices For WordPress SEO Services

SEO February 22, 2014

Looking for SEO Price and and WordPress SEO Cost? We offer a LOW Price For SEO Services! Especially WordPress SEO!

How much does our SEO services Cost?Im sure your shopping around the internet, searching for the best SEO services and SEO prices right now, pulling your hair out! Unlike most other WordPress SEO companies we are proud to offer you a fixed cost for SEO! (Sigh 🙂

Contacts us online for FREE WordPress SEO QUOTE!

The price of our seo services and the cost of other seo services are very different.

So what is a good price for WordPress SEO?

The answer may shock you. According to recent studies in companies trying to sell you SEO packages 90% of them either misspell words or don’t comply with the webmaster guidelines set forth by the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since we know the SEO Market we rank very high with every website we seo. And our customers niche related traffic and sales will explode! These are the benefits from good SEO Practices!

The question is, can you really afford not to optimize your WordPress or HTML website and take advantage of our low WordPress SEO prices and service?

We know how much SEO should cost and we want you to know too…

Most of my clients wand a fast strait up answer to the simple question… How much does seo cost PERIOD? Pay it and be done with it. We handle the rest! Basic SEO prices for WordPress SEO and static html SEO prices are a 1 time SEO fee of $65 per page 1 time fee THAT’S IT! SIMPLE! Strait forward! (results take about 1 week to 1 month)

Please contact us for more information on how to provide WordPress SEO and also static htmpl and PHP websites SEO as well! We are here to help small business in providing a fir SEO PRICE for WordPress Web Sites or SEO for static websites. The cost is the same.

Contact Expert SEO, Marketing and Web Design Services

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How do i get a website?

How do i get a website February 22, 2014

how do i get a website?The question that’s always asked is how do i get a website?

Anyone with a marketing idea can get a Web site. A simple Web site costs about 10PHP per day to maintain and update. This means that there are many people with great website ideas out there getting tired of dealing with over priced web designers that promise the world and deliver little. Web sites can reach out to a gigantic world-wide audience instantly! at no other time could you reach so many customers world wide for so little money and effort.

That said we move on to the real question How do i get a website?

We have used name.com to register domains for years and am very happy with the cost and support.

This is where you would start (registering your domain) then hosting comes into play. You will need a place to “Host” your files called a web server. After you register your domain we offer free web hosting for 1 year (3,500PHP per year after that for a 150MB account with free updates and support INCLUDED!).

The next thing to do is to write your content for the pages. If you cant think of what content you want you can hire us to write content for you that will be keyword rich as well as correct spelling,  punctuation and grammar which is now a grand determining factor in the new internet search engines are now being used such as Panda from Google.

If you want to get a website you can contact us at philippineswebdesign.com or boholwebdesign.com

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Increase Website Traffic in 2012

Search Engine Optimization February 22, 2014



WE- Increase Your Website Traffic!

WE – Improve Your Visitor Experience!

WE – Turn Those Visitors Into Buyers!

But How do we do it you ask?

We are specialists in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing through social networks!
Similar to a DR or lawyer are specialists in their fields and study for years on that subject, we are specialists on our field, Web Design and Marketing!
You would never try and fix your own teeth or fight your own case in court would you? Well why try and cut corners with something so specialized? There are over 500 factors to consider when designing and building an online brand and we study them all!
We will increase your Website Traffic will get your companies website Listed in Google’s search index In a few short days or with mass posting we can get you listed on the front page within MINUTES!
We also create Army of following fans in social networks who will re-post your business in their network so your business website will bee seen by all their friends and bring them along as well to your website.

Dear Frustrated Business Owner!

Ever wondered why your competitors website ranks so much higher than yours?

Well your not alone.
FACTS: there are over 80 million websites on the web today, with a fat new 140,000 websites that are built world wide, every single day.
The bad part is, 95% of them will fail and be abandoned after a few months. Why? Because most Business Owners can’t grasp these simple concepts.

  • 1: Organic Search Results

In order to get targeted visitors, you need to have a seasoned SEO professional behind you. Someone that studies the frequent changes in search engine algorithms and adjusts your website according to the webmaster guidelines set forth by the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.
Increase Web Traffic

  • 2: Convert Visitors to Sales

In order to earn money from your visitors, you need a 100% functional website with no dead links or script errors, theme has to be attractive and modeled in your companies type of design and easy to navigate from anywhere on the site to anywhere else on the website. This is the formula for converting traffic into “ready to buy” customers.

We have been building highly optimized, search engine friendly, visitor rich, money making websites for 12 years, and spend up to 26 hours a month studying the latest trends in marketing and the latest webmaster guidelines to keep our customers web site search engine compliant in 2012 and beyond. For some web designers, there just isn’t enough time to study, and this is where the 95% of company websites fail.

You can do like thousands of others have and choose a CHEAP $100 web design company but in the end this will just be a waste of money, time and effort.

Our Services Include:

  • Increasing traffic to your website through organic search results
  • Increase your business website’s professional appearance
  • Secure your website from hackers with the latest in website security
  • Eliminate spam from your website
  • Help you with niche marketing and branding your company
  • Social Network Setup
  • Google Places Setup
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Logo Design
  • Custom PHP and MYSQL programming
  • Custom CMS WordPress Web Design and Management

Contact us here for a free quote

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22 Percent of Domains in the US are running WordPress

why wordpress February 22, 2014

22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress.
These are staggering statistics! And the way WordPress is improving i'm sure it will extend into more and more users and developers hands and domains!

State of the Word

Posted August 19, 2011 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Community,Meta.

This has been an exciting year for WordPress. We’ve grown to power 14.7% of the top million websites in the world, up from 8.5%, and the latest data show 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress.

I have been using WordPress for many many years now. I have used wordpress for almost all of my clients sites and only a few were actual blogs!

When you think about it, any kind of organization or business needs a recent news or events section right? So why wouldn’t you use the #1 CMS platform to accomplish just that; but with both ease of use and a stylish outcome. Its a no-brainer right?

I couldn’t see any reason why any of my clients would want to have a static website when WordPress does so much right out of the box.

I think that most people don’t realize that a WordPress can look any way and do anything they want it to. Many of my clients also don’t realize what the power of RSS can do!

WordPress, RSS and Google oh my!

They do play VERY well together…

They also conducted their first ever user and developer survey, which got over 18,000 responses from all over the world:
They found a few interesting tidbits from the survey responses already, including that 6,800 self-employed respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites personally, and charged a median hourly rate of $50. In tough economic times, it’s heartening to see Open Source creating so many jobs. (If each site took only 3 hours to make, that’s $29.5M of work at the average hourly rate.)

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How Much is Too Much for a Product?

Buying And Selling Tips for Classified Ads February 22, 2014

How do you find out How Much is Too Much for a product?
First thing is to research it on the internet, find out what others are charging for that product. Then make sure the product your researching is at the right price.

Below are some search tips from Google
Search is simple: just type whatever comes to mind in the search box, hit Enter or click the Search button, and Google will search the web for content that’s relevant to your search.

Most of the time, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with just a basic query (the word or phrase you search for). However, the following tips can help you make the most of your searches. Throughout the article, we’ll use square brackets [ ] to signal a search query, so [ black and white ] is one query, while [ black ] and [ white ] are two separate queries.
Some basic facts

* Every word matters. Generally, all the words you put in the query will be used.
* Search is always case insensitive. A search for [ new york times ] is the same as a search for [ New York Times ].
* Generally, punctuation is ignored, including @#$%^&*()=+[] and other special characters.

To make sure that your Google searches return the most relevant results, there are some exceptions to the rules above.

Tips for better searches

* Keep it simple. If you’re looking for a particular company, just enter its name, or as much of its name as you can recall. If you’re looking for a particular concept, place, or product, start with its name. If you’re looking for a pizza restaurant, just enter pizza and the name of your town or your zip code. Most queries do not require advanced operators or unusual syntax. Simple is good.

* Think how the page you are looking for will be written. A search engine is not a human, it is a program that matches the words you give to pages on the web. Use the words that are most likely to appear on the page. For example, instead of saying [ my head hurts ], say [ headache ], because that’s the term a medical page will use. The query [ in what country are bats considered an omen of good luck? ] is very clear to a person, but the document that gives the answer may not have those words. Instead, use the query [ bats are considered good luck in ] or even just [ bats good luck ], because that is probably what the right page will say.

* Describe what you need with as few terms as possible. The goal of each word in a query is to focus it further. Since all words are used, each additional word limits the results. If you limit too much, you will miss a lot of useful information. The main advantage to starting with fewer keywords is that, if you don’t get what you need, the results will likely give you a good indication of what additional words are needed to refine your results on the next search. For example, [ weather cancun ] is a simple way to find the weather and it is likely to give better results than the longer [ weather report for cancun mexico ].

* Choose descriptive words. The more unique the word is the more likely you are to get relevant results. Words that are not very descriptive, like ‘document,’ ‘website,’ ‘company,’ or ‘info,’ are usually not needed. Keep in mind, however, that even if the word has the correct meaning but it is not the one most people use, it may not match the pages you need. For example, [ celebrity ringtones ] is more descriptive and specific than [ celebrity sounds ].
Read More about search tips….

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Social Media Marketing Services

INTERNET MARKETING February 22, 2014

Social Media Marketing Services Company

social media marketing pie chart

We offer social media marketing to Facebook, social media marketing services to Twitter and social media optimization for your small business!

There is no social media marketing jobs we can not handle!

Want the best quality SEO for your small business in social media marketing?
We can help your business grow with the right kind of marketing catered to your specific needs as a business owner by studding your niche market and targeting people that are actually looking for your product or services.

Social media marketing services has gone viral on the internet, social media optimization is the key to success in this day and age.
There are plenty of social media marketing jobs out there, and some social media marketing agencies are offering their services cheap, but remember you get what you pay for.
If you want to cut corners on social networking and don’t have a clear social media marketing strategy, then your social media marketing wont pan out!
In this website you will find social media marketing tips and sound social media marketing advice from experts that know the business.

Want to learn more on how we can help your business grow in the social media frenzy?
Contact us, and we will show you how we can help your business.

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Alona Burger – Best Burger Restaurant in Alona Beach, Panglao Island

Alona Beach Restaurant February 21, 2014

Alona Burger on Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines

Alona Burger on Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines

Tired of Seafood? Have a Craving For Ice Cold Beer and Real American style Burgers, Fries and Hotdogs?

Well visit Alona Burger, Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol’s newest burger sensation and satisfy that ITCH!
Located directly on the famous Alona beach, Alona Burger uses nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients in the preparation of the food we serve; 100% lean ground beef, fresh ripe tomatoes, lettuce, onions and potatoes.
Our buns are baked fresh for us by a local German baker under strict standards in an immaculate state-of-the-art-kitchen.
Our Hot Dog is 100% beef with an all-natural wrapper that gives it that satisfying snap when you bite into it and out bratwurst Sausage Dog is made for us in Tagbilaran by a Swiss sausage master.

We maintain the highest cleanliness standards in our kitchen and you are invited anytime to step inside to see what a tight ship we run!
We feature San Miguel Beer and San Miguel Light and Coca Cola products (Coke, Coke Light, Sprite). Stop by for a burger or a dog, and ice-cold beer or drink, and a plate of sizzling hot French fries. You’ll be glad you did!


The Origin of the World Famous Alona Burger

It all happened one hot day on the island of Panglao. We were cruising down the road on our Harleys, wind in our faces, adventure on our minds. As if guided by a higher power, we turned onto an obscure road toward the beach with the simple goal of parking in the shade, and having an ice-cold beer.

After securing our bikes under a giant shade tree, we were compelled to walk, not towards the restaurant, but in the opposite direction. Not knowing where we were going, or what lay ahead of us, we followed this path in happy fellowship, exposing our souls to the powers upon us. Soon we came upon a strange wonder. From deep below the white sand beach sprang forth a great gushing! Further investigation of this strange phenomenon had us gazing hypnotically into the very fountainhead of a natural aquifer that shoots its water high into the surf at that precise time of day. The more we stared, the more the power from within wrapped us in its vise, and we knew then, we were in the presence of a true Oracle.
alona burger kitchen in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Many mysteries were learned that day. Among them the Oracle told us that yes. Alona Beach offers the best tasting, freshest fish in the world BUT… something is missing. The Oracle told us we already had the answer, but needed only to open our minds.

With our minds thusly open, the answer came forth: offer true American Burgers and Fries to the good people at Alona Beach and they will be happy. For it is true, and the Oracle confirms- man cannot live on fish alone, even the delicious fish found here at Roderik and Vivien. So we followed our hearts, listening always to the Oracle, and opened the now World-Famous Alona Burger.
Alona Burger Friendly Staff
Our burgers are cooked exactly the same way they are cooked in Southern California, where they were invented. Only the highest quality, freshest ingredients will ever be served at Alona Burger. 100% beef, fresh ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce, onions, real cheese and spread all held together by a tasty daily-baked bun. Add to this some sizzling hot french fries made from real potatoes; an ice-cold beer or soft drink, and you will be well along the path to culinary enlightenment, and closer to the Oracle with each bite you take.

Bon Appetit!

Text the word DELIVER to 0929-398-4550 and we will call you back, take your order, and deliver to anywhere in the Alona Beach Area!



Alona Burger at night Alona Burger Sea Side Dining Area Alona Burger - best burgers on Alona Beach, Panglao Island Bohol Philippines Alona Burger at Night

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Lost Horizon Beach Resort – Alona Beach, Bohol Philippines

Uncategorized February 19, 2014

Lost Horizon Beach Resort Bohol Philippines

Come see the beautiful tropical island of Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines within the archipelago, and come visit Lost Horizon Beach Resort Alona Beach Bohol Philippines.

Lost Horizon Beach Resort is located directly on the famous Alona Beach of Panglao Island Bohol. You’ll become one with the unspoiled white sands. You’ll see the breathtaking views, hear the sounds and sense the beauty of the Western Pacific Ocean. The crystal clear waters, and the famous sugar sand beaches of Panglao Island that almost squeak when walked on, make Lost Horizon an idyllic place. Full of warmth and relaxation… our staff will make sure your every need is met.

Lost Horizon Room Amenities Offers:

  • Fully Stocked Mini-bar
  • 32″ LCD flat screen TV’s in each room
  • Most rooms provide balconies
  • Complementary Water and Coffee
  • Pool View Or Sea View Rooms Available
  • All Rooms Have Ceiling Fans
  • All Rooms Have A Safe

Resort Features:

  • Free WIFI High-Speed DSL internet In Every Room
  • 32 modern rooms
  • Hot and Cold Fresh Water
  • Fax and email
  • Swimming pool
  • Gorgeous sea views
  • A bar and restaurant
  • A PADI dive shop right on the beach
  • Lush Gardens
  • Boat Tours and Land Tours Available Upon Request

We have seven types of rooms available:

  • Suites
  • Executive Sun View
  • Modern Deluxe
  • Deluxe
  • Modern Standard
  • Standard
  • Family

About Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

Panglao Island sits southwest of Bohol Island and east of Cebu in the Philippines. As early as 1803, Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian visitors came here for sightseeing, the wealth of marine life and trade. As one of the Philippines top tourist destinations, Panglao Island remains famous for its world class dive spots, snorkeling, luscious coral reef and inlets for beach bathing.

At Lost Horizon on
Panglao Island you’ll experience a true tropical paradise.

Lost Horizon Beach Resort Restaurant


Snorkel, scuba dive, sight see or just do nothing at the Lost Horizon beach resort.

Get the Best Rates with Instant Confirmation Online
Telephone :: 63-38-502-9099 or 4090
CHECK-IN – 2:00 PM :: CHECK-OUT – 12:00 PM
For more information about Lost Horizon Beach Resort in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Visit their websites below!

websites: http://www.losthorizonresort.com and http://www.losthorizonresort.net

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Friendship Poem

Friendship Poem February 15, 2014

Make sure you
Read all the way down to the
Last sentence.
(Most Importantly the last sentence)

There once was
A little boy who had a bad temper.  His Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence..

The first day
The boy had driven 37 nails into the fence.  Over the next
Few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily
Gradually dwindled down.  He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.  Finally the day came when the boy didn ‘ t lose his temper at all.

He told his
Father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his

The days
Passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

The father
Took his son by the hand and led him to the fence.  He said, ‘ You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence..  The fence will
Never be the same.  When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one.  You can put a knife in a man and draw it out.  But It won ‘ t matter how many times you say I ‘ m sorry, the wound will still be there.  A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one..

Remember that friends are very rare jewels indeed.
They make you smile and encourage you to succeed; They lend an ear, they share words of praise and they always want to open
Their hearts to us.

It ‘ s National
Friendship Week.  Show your friends how much you care..  Send this to everyone you consider a
FRIEND, even if it means sending it
Back to the person who sent it to you!  If it comes back to you,
You will then know you have a circle of


Now send this
To every friend you have!!  And to your
Family(they need to
Know that you love them too)…

Please forgive
Me if I have ever left a ‘ hole ‘ in your fence.

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Garage Storage Franchise Monkey Bars Garage Storage Business

Top Franchise February 14, 2014

This Garage Storage Franchise called Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise is a great new Franchise Business!
Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise is Providing a New Solution to an Old Problem

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise for garage organizing systems offers a unique product that’s needed throughout the world. Monkey Bars shelving systems helps people reclaim the wasted space in their garages. With Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise simple garage organization systems, valuables can be kept within reach and easily retrieved. This system eliminates the need for a storage unit. Our wall mounted garage shelving is terrifically sturdy and easily accessible.

Now Monkey Bars Garage Storage can show you how to organize customers’ garages in amazing new ways, and build a great franchise dealership for yourself at the same time! Here are just some of the reasons why our franchise dealership opportunity could be the right one for you:

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise is the fastest growing garage organizing business.
Niche, Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise offers a one-of-a-kind business opportunity vs cabinet systems.
No royalties for a Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise or ongoing fees.
Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise offers Patented garage storage system.
Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise offers a Low, one-time dealership investment.

“In just seven months we have had an unbelievable response to our Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise product and it shows, with $80,000 in sales! With the training, marketing materials, use of the website and their help, this has been a dream for me. To have a company work as hard as they have, and be a part of it, I cannot ask for more.”
– Jason Heck, Boise, ID

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise are based on a revolutionary design using quality steel coupled with unique engineering. The system is divided into two levels – a top level shelf made of thick melamine, a product that combines strength with a clean, attractive appearance, and racks which are formed by connecting adjustable bars to a previously installed triangular bracket. With the adjustable bar in place we add removable hooks of different varieties, which can hold everything from rakes and shovels to skis and bikes. Our customers just love this neat, strong and streamlined solution to the mess in their cluttered garages.

Monkey Bars Garage Storage system is not only simple, but easy to install, which means that you can be in and out of a customer’s garage in a matter of hours. Monkey Bars applications are suited to a range of residential, commercial and industrial sites, including garages, sheds, shops, boat houses, storerooms, mud rooms, pantries, basements and more.

With the goal of expanding Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchises into every state, Monkey Bars Franchise will continue to rewrite the book on garage storage.* Whether you’re a contractor looking for a way to expand your business or an aspiring entrepreneur new to the storage market, we have the solutions for you!

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise Dealership investment includes:

  • Monkey Bars Garage Storage Initial inventory.
  • Purchase of your protected territory.
  • Monkey Bars Garage Storage Personalized dealer website.
  • Onsite assistance at your first Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise location.
  • Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise Pre-designed marketing materials.

One-on-one training: Corporate will personally teach you how to sell, market and install this amazing Monkey Bars Garage Storage system.

Want to know more?

Click here for this Monkey Bars Garage Storage Franchise Opportunity.

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